• item no. 00846
    item no. 00846
    binding tapes for car carpets
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    item no. 00207
    pallet tie
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    item no. 00001
    FIBC lifting loop
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    item no. 00940
    ridge tape
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    item no. 00031
    FIBC tie tape


Competence – from yarns to narrow webbing

From raw materials to finished webbing, the entire production process is kept under one roof. Precision webbing solutions are developed according to customers’ requirements in the company's own yarn extrusion, weaving, twisting, warp and weft knitting, customization and packaging units. ALATEX uses its practical expertise to constantly evolve its production lines and increase efficiency.




Everything begins with the threads

The starting point for our webbing straps, tapes, belts and ropes is high-quality polypropylene yarn. This is produced by our factory in the Czech Republic in the form of soft multifilament yarn and dimensionally stable fibrillated, also known as raffia. The yarns have a standard UV stability of 200 kilolangley (kLy). A wide range of yarn counts and colors is possible.




Hundreds of threads become a webbing

ALATEX webbing mainly consists of our own production of polypropylene yarn, but also of polyester and jute. There are various bindings, interweaves, colors and patterns available. Some special webbing straps also feature electrical conductivity, elongation, slip resistance or specific load-bearing capacities or breaking tenacities.


If your required webbing is not included in our wide product range, ALATEX is able to design webbing tailored to your specific requirements. We collaborate closely with our customers throughout development. To do this, we need the following information:

  • Intended use
  • Material
  • Width, length and tolerances
  • Color
  • Anticipated quantity required
  • Further properties such as elongation, thickness, conductivity, load, if necessary

Please feel free to contact us.


Further details make the webbing complete

On request, our webbing products can be cut to your desired lengths and fitted with buckles, closures, slides and other accessories. We can even produce embroidered webbing.




Packaged as you need it

For cost and process optimization, we have developed ideal standard packaging for our webbing straps, tapes, belts and ropes. If you would like special packaging – whether as a roll, coiled on a cardboard or plastic core, wound on thread bobbins, bundled, packed in special boxes or otherwise – just let us know. We will always find a way to meet your wishes.